How to Exercise Garage Door Maintenance

How to Exercise Garage Door Maintenance

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Contrary to popular belief, garage door maintenance is not as difficult as some might make it out to be. You have probably heard about a few horror stories in which the garage door cable snapped likely causing quite the injury, but while this is possible it is grossly exaggerated. As a matter of fact, these problems are likely not to happen in the first place if proper maintenance had been exercised in the first place. As a homeowner it is important to know how to perform maintenance as this is the only way you can guarantee longevity. For your sake as well as those who live you, here are a few ways to make sure that your garage door is in working order.

Look for signs of wear or tear.

How to Exercise Garage Door MaintenanceExperts over at garage door repair Elmwood Park recommend that the very first thing one should do in order to perform the right kind of maintenance is to look the whole door over first. This will likely mean that you will be going around your garage, observing the moving parts that connect to the door and searching for signs of wear or tear. This includes the overhead door springs as well as the garage door motors - as signs of tear in these parts could end up being a symptom of a larger problem brewing. This type of inspection is to be done monthly.

Make sure to apply lubrication.

This often goes without saying, but the moving parts need lubrication almost as much as you or I need nourishment to get through the day. Otherwise you just might have to deal with broken spring replacement or other costly repairs. This is especially important if ever you hear sounds coming from parts that used to be quiet. Be generous when applying this lubrication, as without it the resulting friction will get in the way and quite possibly break parts of your garage door.

With these two simple instructions, maintenance should go off without a hitch. While taking care of these types of doors can be rather intimidating, it really is not difficult as you might think

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