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Why springs last less than other components?

Other parts are purely hardware, mechanical components. Garage door springs are like other springs just much stronger since they're called to lift heavy panels. They have flexible coils and this is exactly where their tension is hiding. Though, their flexibility loosens up over time and the coils might break due to the heavy load they lift daily.

How do I choose rollers?

Your first priority is to check the weight of the door. This is how you mainly choose garage door rollers but it'll also depend whether you're in high moisture regions or the door is extremely heavy. In such cases, nylon rollers won't do since they will be destroyed fast. It's best if you get stainless steel rollers.

How much does a new garage door system cost?

Several factors affect the price of the door system. These factors may include the material, design, level of thermal efficiency, and your location. While purchasing a new garage door system may be an expensive, this is an excellent remodeling investment.

When replacing the remote control, how do you know what unit to get?

Third party remote controls are available as replacements for the standard units that come with the door openers. According to our garage door experts, to find the right replacement you have to know the door opener’s brand and model number. A quick search online for compatible remotes should allow you to find the right replacement unit to get.

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