How Do I Ensure My Automatic Garage Door is Safe?

How Do I Ensure My Automatic Garage Door is Safe?

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When it comes to home safety, there are no limits as to how one must prepare for prevention. The same goes for garage door maintenance. More often than not people get into accidents when it comes to garage doors because of a lack of understanding and responsibility. After all, overhead door springs are leagues different from a torsion spring, and garage door repair parts can be complex for the uninitiated. Fortunately, this type of maintenance can be quite easy once you get used to it.

How Do I Ensure My Automatic Garage Door is Safe?However, how does one check if an automatic door is still working correctly? The automatic garage door installation process might have gone by without a hitch, but how does one properly maintain and figure it out for months afterward? Specialists over at garage door repair Elmwood Park suggest performing a reverse sensor inspection monthly.

How does one perform a reverse sensor inspection?

Fortunately, doing so is not difficult at all. In order to ensure that consumers aren’t put at risk by these automatic doors, federal law has required that these doors be outfitted with a mechanism and sensor that allows it to reverse as soon as it feels any kind of resistance that isn’t coming from its intended destination. This means that if an overhead door happens to hit something that isn’t the ground as it goes down, it will instantly reverse. This prevents any accident such as entrapment from occurring.

You can replicate this by using a wooden board or any other expendable item for your test, placing it where the garage door will land. Afterward, allow the automatic door to close on the item of your choice. If it is working as it should, the door will immediately reverse, showing that the mechanism is working just fine.

However, if the mechanism does not work then this means that the door is unsafe and requires an automatic garage door service. Contact our company for more information regarding the matter.

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