Funny Story - Are You Keeping Wild Animals in the Garage?

Funny Story - Are You Keeping Wild Animals in the Garage?

When strange noises emerge from your moving garage door they need to be investigated.

The entire neighborhood was gathered in the front yard. It must be a crime scene of some type. They are chatting with each other, and some are laughing. That seems quite inappropriate. As I approach my son, he blurts out that it’s our garage door. It’s screaming every time we open it.

I laughed it off and then turned to see once again the horrified looks on the faces in my front yard. They were expecting to see wild animals run out when we closed and re-opened the door.

Words simply can’t describe it. You would think there was a herd of elephants trumpeting inside. We all broke out in laughter, and three of my dear friends offered advice on how to overhaul it myself. I thanked them and quickly informed my son- that would not be happening.

I went inside and called the first garage door repair company I could find. I was lucky, as this company offered same day service.

They had numerous questions for me. Does your system have a chain or cable drive on it? What kind of oil do you use? Do you know if your system has torsion coil trampoline springs or oil tempered?

I had no idea what the man was talking about

I guess he realized I was clueless. When the repair man arrived, I was so relieved. He methodically examined each part while mumbling to himself. After what seemed like an hour, he delivered his diagnosis. He informed me that it was a problematic opener along with old pair of springs.

I said great, fix them. He wanted to educate me on my entire structure, but I convinced him I was not ever going to patch-up them myself. After replacing the springs and fixing my opener he offered overhead door maintenance program for 6 months. I grabbed it with enthusiasm. This is what pros are for. He did his job- I paid, and the entire community sleeps well now.

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