Avoiding Danger Zones - Garage Door Springs

Avoiding Danger Zones - Garage Door Springs

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One of the most dangerous components of your garage doors is the springs. They support the entire weight of the door and are instrumental in lifting and lowering the complete door assembly.  The garage door springs are under a tremendous amount of pressure. It is important to understand that garage doors are not built with safety brakes. There is noting that will prevent the doors from falling if the supporting springs break.Avoiding Danger Zones - Garage Door Springs in New Jersey

Garage Door Accidents Occur Annually

There is an average of 30,000 garage door related accidents in the U.S. annually. This information is according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Some of the injuries related to garage door spring repair include: fractures, torn tendons, injured ligaments, amputations, or being crushed. Not all of the injuries are believed to be reported.

The tension on garage door springs should be adjusted evenly. This will allow the door to track properly. Proper inspection every so often will help you notice if the garage door is off track. Raise the doors about one or two inches in height. Make sure that the bottom and the top edges are in a perfect horizontal positioning. Many times the doors will not be level so measuring may not be the best way to get the confirmation that you need. Just to be sure, grab a level and place it along the center of the door. This will give you a good idea of how level the door is.

Out with the Old and in with the New

*    The doors lose proper balance

*    More stress is placed on older springs

*    The door will likely have issues in the future

There are many reasons why a proper garage door spring replacement must be done on time. It is a bit more expensive on the front, but it can be twice as costly physically and financially if you’re not careful. Here are a few things to remember to avoid injuries ahead of time:

*    At least once a month check the cables, hinges, and rollers on the doors to make sure they are working properly.

*    Talk to your children about safety around the garage.

*    Never stand or leave a disabled person or child alone near the path of the garage door.

*    When the door is closing make sure your vehicle is clear from the path.

*    Do not stand in the door path when the door is opening or closing.

*    Remove any personal property away from a door that could impede operation.

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